The ABC of Group Dynamics


Everybody knows that recruitment processes are stressful and can make us feel that we are not good enough. Thus, it is important to keep a positive attitude. Firstly, if you are in the group dynamic, congratulations: you have already passed phase one! See? It is not that hard!

But, what now? The relief of the awaited email “Congratulations! You are moving on to the next phase…” just gave you is quickly replaced by the anxiety of the following step.

Fortunately, the internet provides us with a wealth of information and CV Riser is no exception. Today we will help you to have adequate behavior to group dynamics.

And do not worry: we still remember the old presencial exercises and the 12 tips we will give you are perfect whether you are behind a screen or sitting right next to your future colleagues!

1. Do your homework!

Whether it is a dynamic or individual interview, do not dare to show up without knowing the basic information about the company! What is its product or service? And to what target audience? Which departments does it have? Show to them that this is not just another rushed application in an anxious job search!

2. It is never too early for networking

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and use it to connect with professionals from companies you want to work from. How? CV Riser helps with another amazing blog article: What is networking? Imagine that one of them ends up being your interviewer?! Maybe you will be a more memorable applicant if his first contact with you happens outside of the dynamic. If you want the company to show interest in you, show interest in the company as well.

3. Keep your pitch on the tip of the tongue!

At any recruitment moment, they can ask you to make a brief presentation. Whether it is 30 seconds or 1 minute, there is no time to think about things to say. Always be a step ahead and prepare topics that best describe you!

4. Dress appropriately!

Research about the company’s culture and pick a look that matches it. And if it is a video call, do not forget to take off your pajama pants! Be prepared: if they ask you to stand, there is no way to hide the fluffy pants!

5. Be punctual!

Whether it is in digital or face-to-face mode, punctuality is a must. It is important that you previously test the equipment you will use for the interview or, if it is not online, to leave home early so you have a safety margin. It is better to be safe than sorry! Do you really want your future manager to think you can not be there in time?

6. Body language

Never forget that communication is much more than what you say. Your posture, your look and expressions speak louder than your voice. Be careful! Do not let your body betray you and send the wrong message.

7. Be genuine!

We all feel pressured to suppress our unique side, but remember the goal is for you to stand out! Do not let go of your funny part: with moderation, everything is possible. Besides, recruiters are, usually, people with a great ability to analyse behavior; unless you have a DiCaprio hidden inside, they will know you are not being genuine and just another candidate saying what you think they want to hear.

8. Good manners can not be bought!

It is important to adapt our language and behavior to each situation. If you get the job, you will be a part of a team in which communication and good manners are mandatory. Thus, be nice with the other candidates and show them you are capable of working in an environment that fosters cooperation.

9. Take notes!

If you come out of a group dynamic saying “It went great, I dominated the whole conversation!”, think again: this is a perfect example of what can not happen. In these exercises, knowing how to listen is just as important as knowing when to speak. Use a notebook to write your colleagues’ ideas; this way, you can add value to the discussion and show them you appreciate others’ opinions.

10. Be confident!

It may seem hard to keep your head up high in an uncomfortable situation, where our behavior is being carefully analysed. However, it is important for you to show that you can work under pressure and be assertive. But remember: confidence is a two-faced coin. It is just as important to opine upon a subject as knowing when to admit you need more information! Do not speak foolishly and show you are willing to learn.

11. Be methodical!

Usually, these activities require the resolution of exercises with limited time. Thus, show you are organized and capable of meeting deadlines! Not only should you take note of others’ ideas, but also try to structure the final answer to the exercise as people talk. And do not forget: hurry up because the clock is ticking!

12. Don’t just answer: make questions too!

Being curious is definitely a way to add points to your application. Every recruiter will love to see that you took time to know the company and are interested in its projects!

To summarize these tips on how to be successful in group dynamics: make a previous research about the company, prepare your pitch, take notes during the sessions on what your colleagues say, incentivize the ones who are more shy to talk and be confident! Adjust your posture to the company’s culture and show them you are the missing piece. And if you end up not moving on in this phase, see it as another opportunity to train your communication skills and improve for the next time. Remember: the first step to achieving something is doing it.