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Smart Search

Our Artificial Intelligence has the ability to interpret hundreds of thousands of job openings and send you the ones that are truly compatible with you.

We don't just use keywords, we read your CV as a whole to find your dream job.

Useful information in a few seconds

Instead of spending hours looking at job openings that don't interest you, we give you job openings that reflect your experience.

We analyze job openings from the world's leading job portals and regularly send you the jobs that match with you.

Worldwide Visibility

We show your CV to recruiters located in several European countries who use our platform to find excellent candidates.

The right job for you may even come sooner than you think.

Free and Easy Experience

It is very easy to use CV Riser: just register your CV, set up the job alert you want, and let us do the rest of the work for you.

Flexible Search

Are you looking exclusively for a remote job? Are you looking for a job in a specific country only?

We can show you only the job offers you really want.

Artificial Intelligence

Using an innovative Natural Language Processing technique, we are able to interpret your CV and find the job openings that are most compatible with you.

Don't like the jobs you get? Easy: change your CV and import it again.

Our AI will analyze it and send you different jobs.

Create a job alert to receive the best jobs for you!

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Trends in the Recruitment and Selection Process

The area of human resources focuses on people management, and it is becoming more popular each day, especially on social media. Little by little, companies are realizing the enormous contribution the HR area has in the global success of the company.

Historically, it was seen as a more bureaucratic area, not very oriented to results and with small relevance in the company’s strategy. However, nowadays its potential is huge and companies recognize it is a fundamental piece in creating a stable and successful business in the long term.

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Academic Burnout

These days, the word "burnout" is present in many news headlines… And it is never for good reasons. But, what is burnout?

This condition is characterized by both physical and emotional negative reactions to task overwhelm. However, burnout isn’t only a punctual feeling of frustration, but a prolonged state of tiredness and demotivation.

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About Us

Get to know us

CV Riser's idea came up from a normal conversation between two people, in which a clear need was identified: to further support recruiters during the CV screening process and revolutionize this time consuming step in the recruitment process.

Our main goal is to dramatically decrease the time you invest looking for a job. You spend a lot of time creating multiple alerts on several different platforms, and at the end of the day, the vast majority of vacancies don't match your interests and experience.

We want you to receive jobs that really interest you and have a better chance of applying successfully.