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Smart Role Selection

Our algorithm has the ability to interpret the job description using Artificial Intelligence. You just need to paste your description of the ideal candidate and our algorithm will find the résumés that are closest to the profile described.

Useful information in a few seconds

Within seconds we provide information about the best candidates for the job you're recruiting (including all the contacts found in the résumé). This means that you can instantly connect with top candidates improving your chances of successful recruitment.

Use the information you already have

With CV Riser you can automatically analyze the CV's you've collected throughout your company's recruitment history. Organizations store this data without properly using it and with CV Riser's algorithm you can use all your stored data full of potential candidates. Turn your data into valuable information today with CV Riser!

Great user experience

It's easy to use CV Riser: with a few clics you will find the most suitable candidates for the role you are looking for.

Flexible Search

Our search page is completely adaptable to your needs. In case your first search doesn't return the expected results, you can make a few changes to the description in order to obtain results that are closer to what you expect from the ideal candidate.

Artificial Intelligence

Through an innovative Natural Language Processing technique, our algorithm is able to interpret your description of the ideal candidate in more than 50 languages and, at the same time, find the best candidates, even if the CV is written in a different language than the one used to describe the candidate.

You can test CV Riser's added value during a 14 day free trial

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CV Riser's idea came up from a normal conversation between two people, in which a clear need was identified: to further support recruiters during the CV screening process and revolutionize this time consuming step in the recruitment process. Click on the button below and get to know our story, mission and team.


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