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How can you recruit better and faster?

Artificial Intelligence

CV Riser uses Artificial Intelligence to help companies analyze all their CVs, in seconds, and we present the best candidates according to your description of the ideal profile.

Attention to detail

We go beyond keyword research and analyze the candidate and profile description as a whole. This means that CV Riser can holistically read and interpret the entire profile sought by the company and the pool of candidates and present the best matches.

We speak more than 50 languages

CV Riser can read and interpret CVs in over 50 languages! Even if the candidate has the CV in a different language than the one used by the recruiter to describe the ideal profile, it will still be highlighted if our algorithm detects a match between the candidate and the ideal profile description provided. So you have the option to assess talent worldwide and overcome the language barrier.

Inclusive Platform

CV Riser assesses matches between candidates and companies by exclusively analyzing candidates' professional experience and the profiles that companies are looking for. With such a tool, it is possible to overcome biases that still exist in the world of recruitment related with preferences for certain genders, ethnicities and/or races.

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