About Us


CV Riser started from a simple conversation, where we found a common problem that most companies face, so we thought about an easy and efficient solution to solve it.

From a small idea associated with a big entrepreneurial spirit, the project went from a small prototype to a reality.

The problem we want to solve is related with efficiency and time saving. We identified that companies store hundreds (or thousands) of CVs that they cannot manually analyse in time.

Thus, the objective of CV Riser is to solve this situation by automating the CV screening process of recruitment allowing for more time efficient and meticulous recruitment.

By using our algorithm, companies can analyse the résumés that they already possess and are still collecting, within seconds! Thus, we offer companies the opportunity to maximize both the use of their own data and chance of finding the best candidates.

Mission, Values and Culture

Nowadays, the sense of opportunity and efficiency is extremely important.

CV Riser's main goal is to facilitate the search for the ideal candidate who fits with your organization, meaning that we aim to make the selection and recruitment process more efficient, effective and less costly.

CV Riser is an innovation and efficiency driven startup, with great focus on diversity, inclusion and social justice. We aim to build a more equitable business reality with equal access to opportunities to all people.


  • 1

    We give our all to help recruiters find the ideal fit in the fatest way possible.

  • 2

    We don't overcomplicate. We always look for simple solutions to solve big issues.

  • 3

    We value an analytical and problem solver mindset.

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    We constantly adapt and antecipate our clients needs, so that we can guarantee continuous improvement of our products.

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    We support our communities and encourage our teams to participate in social responsibility projects.


We are an informal technological startup based in Lisbon that truly values meritocracy.


Silvano Júnior

Co-founder and CEO

Bachelor in Information Management at NOVA IMS. Since an early age he developed a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, from where CV Riser was born. Through this project he aims for more efficient and fairer recruitment processes in businesses.

In his free time, he enjoys sports such as padel, football, voleyball and others, cooking and learning new skills.


João Martins

Co-founder and CFO

Master in Finances at Algarve University.

When he first heard about CV Riser, he immediately identified himself with this project. He's also involved in other associativism and social responsibility projects.

In his free time, he loves to travel, to watch basketball and try new cuisines.


Jéssica Gonçalves

Communication Manager

Bachelor in Journalism and Communication from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra. Since she was a child she has been passionate about reading and writing, so she aspires to spend the rest of her life writing and reading even more.

She has always been focused in broadening her professional experience, thus seeing this opportunity at CV Riser as a way of leaving her the comfort zone whilst being constantly challenged.


Manuel Martins

Sales Manager

Master in Biodiversity and Conservation at University of Exeter.

A combination of a communicative data nerd and a nature lover with an entrepreneurial spirit. He identified with CV Riser’s goals and mission of a fairer and more efficient recruitment process and the idea of building something great. In his free time, he’ll be outside playing football or basketball or hiking up mountains with friends.
PS: he is not from João's family. "I am clearly cuter", says the man himself.